Personnel Plus - Hospitality Staffing

6525 Belcrest Road, Hyattsville, MD

About Personnel Plus - Hospitality Staffing

Personnel Plus - Hospitality Staffing is a leadiing provider of food service staff in the Washington - Baltimore Metro regions. Offering a full complement of trained and experienced culinary, front-of-the-house and promotional staff. The Company also provides pre and post event clean-up. Personnel Plus operates three regional training offices in the area and can supply up to 400 employees in a single day. The Company leverages two important assets in order to fulfill client needs. For large events and accounts, Personnel Plus transports employees directly to the worksite via their fleet of busses and passenger vans. This ensures that staff arrives on-time and they recieve a pre-event briefing and uniform inspection on the way to the job. Secondly, Personnel Plus provides complimentary on-site management for large events. Our professional management staff works hand-in-hand with the client's management staff; this important benefit improves performance and reduces client stress. Personnel Plus is fully insured and handles all payroll taxes and workers compensation insurance.