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About Puptown Daycare Boarding and Training

When can I begin training my puppy?" It is the most often asked question we meet. The answer is very simple: it is not ever too quick! Training commences from the day your puppy is born. A reputable breeder will have already initiated a routine, introduced potty manners, and commenced crate training right from the start. But can a puppy really learn to sit and heel? Absolutely! At our training center we start obedience training with puppies after 8 weeks old. We conduct everything off-leash! Once your puppy receives second round vaccination typically between 9 and 12 weeks of age they are ready to start their training journey with us. Service Dog Training At Puptown Houston At Puptown Houston, our team members are dedicated to enlightening owners about the advantages of dog training. Among our areas of expertise is providing specialized service dog training for individuals with special needs. Our mission is to enhance the lives of both owners and their beloved companions, fostering a healthier and happier existence together. Our dedicated staff tirelessly endeavors to transform the perception of dog ownership, nurturing a profound and lasting bond between families and their dogs.