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About Independent AV & Video, Inc.

Suppliers VS Sellers Since 1992-- In a World of Big Box Consolidation, Captive Customers and Sales Funneling Gimmicks, we have a different approach. Originally started in 1992, and Incorporated in 2008, IAVVI, Will benefit You with what we have learned from Years of Experience in Business Multi-Media, from Legacy Technology to the Latest in Digital Technologies. We Leverage what we learn from our Preeminent Client experience to deliver Excellence, not Excuses; Value and Not Hype. We want your Leadership to believe in you. What we offer is to Solve the Problem, because we prefer to Earn the role of Lead Supplier for you, as we have done for others. This means for example, we will help you With the Little things Big Box Guys never care about, But that are important to you, like not just renting you a projector, but the Right projector with the Right Screen for your critical content considering your Presenter, your Space, and your Audience. We will set it up on your campus too. The Big Box Model is fine for when Mission Critical Multi-Media is NOT Important. You want to buy something. They want to sell it. However, when it is Mission Critical, you want a Supplier that makes your problem theirs, solves it, and spares you Exploitation. Nobody wants to be a Captive Customer. We are here to help You take control of Media Technology, Challenges, & Crew. Popular Services: Virtual, Hybrid, and Live + Events with Premier AV, Production from Creating a concept, Writing a Script, through Shooting, Editing, and Distribution. Audio Based production from Recording Ad Boards to Fully Scripted Audio for Video, or Audio Under PPT, Custom Made Sets & Exhibits, Upgrading Exhibits with Multimedia, Break Out Management, On Corporate Campus Events, Recording, or Production, Help in Integrated AV Venues, Consulting, Site Visits Before You Sign any Venue Contract, Budgets, Adding Built In AV, Telemedicine Exam Rooms, Focus Group Support, Leveraging Partnerships with Language Interpretation, I.T. Professionals, Modeling Agencies, Unions, Drone Videographers, and Research Companies, Custom Podcasts. We can Come in and help when your In-House People are not available. We work in Energy, Pharma, High Tech, CME, CLE, Non-Profits, Professional Associations, Hospitality, Entertainment, and other industries where what we do is Critical to overall Success. We partner with your Existing AV Companies to save you Money in Houston. Often, they send a Producer, and we pick it up from there. Pricing Wise, we are not Quality Free Low Ballers nor do we want the last Dollar on the Table. We are in the high Middle Range, but only use Professional Media Contractors with over 20 years of Experience. Find out why we have had some clients for many years, on your next project. We have pride in our work, and either we can Love doing it, or take a Pass. We begin Everything, with the End in Mind.
  • Special Features: Site Visits Before You Sign! New Event Clients can request Complimentary Still Pictures or Audio Recording of your Main Event. Competitors charge from $200 - $800 a day for this. We also save you money on Videos by offering Bundles.