Comedy Hypnotist - Hooper "The Fun Hypnotist"

Honolulu, HI
Aloha!. HOOPER is The Fun Hypnotist, he performs a clean, funny comedy stage hypnosis shows that are suitable for all ages and families. Gavin’s background in therapeutic hypnosis ensures that everyone will be laughing a lot and feeling great too. Besides corporate shows, he entertains at festivals, fairs and events throughout Canada and America. Looking for a Dry grad, Post prom or Lock in party show? Gavin is available for shows in Honolulu and throughout the USA & Canada. Need some entertainment for a fun party, corporate event or simply because you want a hypnosis show? Maybe you have a group of 30 to1000 people wanting to learn about Hypnosis / NLP for self-improvement or motivation. Hooper’s talks and seminars on Hypnosis are fun, interactive and educational. Learn how to help yourself, by remove limiting beliefs about Smoking, Weight Loss, and begin Attracting the people, things, and circumstances you do want in your life. Available dates are limited so contact us today, now that you're ready. You can reach us today by email or by phone the choice is yours. Available to perform with your group, company or team anywhere in Honolulu, Maui, and anywhere else in the USA
$1,000-$3,500 per event
Comedy Juggler
Dewayne has learned to blend amazing magic and side-splitting comedy into one first-class head-lining act. Be sure to believe that everyone will enjoy themselves.