Therese Beth Photography

Honesdale, PA

About Therese Beth Photography

THERESE BETH Photography is all about having fun, letting loose, and allowing the 'true you' to come out in your photos. I steer away from a lot of formal posing and artificial lighting. I love to use natural light and sometimes, yes... that will include bright sunlight in the right situation. I'm a lifestyle photographer with a passion for capturing a slice of your life instead of stiff, posed pictures and forced smiles that don't portray what you're all about. I want a birdseye view (for instance) of that backyard soccer game, Mom/Dad and kids baking a birthday cake or going fishing, your daughter practicing for her recital, quiet moments with your family, the two of you together as a couple, or expectant parents celebrating the joy of their newborn...both before AND after the birth...and for some, during the birth as well. For weddings and engagements, I focus on capturing the special connection you have with one another, and the effect that has on your family and friends. Detail shots complete the package for a complete overview of one of the most important events of your lives. Outdoor weddings where I can capitalize on natural lighting is my specialty. For you graduating seniors, your portraits should reflect who you are, but that doesn't necessarily mean posed next to a tractor or holding your football with a cheesy grin on your face. This is an image that you will be wearing on your name tag 20 years from now at a reunion. Make it real...and make sure it's an amazing image that will stand the test of time! I strive to capture the pure essence of everyone I photograph and that is what makes doing what I do so rewarding. So, leave your Sunday manners on the sidelines and show me who you really are. You will be surprised by the fantastic results a relaxed and playful shoot in your own environment will yield. Who wants to pose uncomfortably under hot lights in a studio? Let's get together and shoot a slice of your life that's worth remembering! While I work primarily in the northeast (I'm based in Wayne County in northeastern Pennsylvania near Honesdale), I will consider assignments elsewhere. Please be sure to visit my website. I hope you enjoy the view!