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Country Club Limousine Fairytale Night - An Eventective User from FLINT, MI

Planning a wedding is stressful, and with all the planning that is involved in the event, one can feel depressed and unresponsive. I tried to make the best of the situation by talking to family and friends, and I even went to therapist. I was so stressed about the details of the wedding, which I wasn't sleeping or eating. I finally went to the doctor, and asked him, is this normal? He told me, that planning a wedding is hard for some people, but y symptoms were severe. He gave me an antidepressant and some sleep medication. With help from the doctor I was able to finally kick my life back into gear. I told my future husband about the doctor trip, and he was very concerned. He even started to doubt that we should get married. For a while, I and he did not communicate, and I was worried, on whether or not the wedding was still happening. Life can come at you hard, if you're not read, and I was not ready. So a month went by, and we finally started to communicate again, and we looked for services, like music and food, transportation. We found a limo service that was affordable, and was available for all occasions. The people at country club limo, were very nice, and offered me many options that would be make me comfortable. Although planning the wedding was hard; it was all worth it when we walked down the aisle together happily married.