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This is Reverend Sylvia and I've been an ordained non-denominational, multi-faith minister and WEDDING OFFICIANT for 30 years and have performed hundreds of weddings all over the world, from an intimate ceremony for 2, to a 500 guest extravaganza, from huge indoor venues, to outdoor weddings. I am a very spiritual and warm person and I do not affiliate with any one particular organized religious group. I believe that we all live and believe exactly what we're shown in our spiritual life. I believe in that which is right. I believe that everyone has the right to his or her own conviction, a right to express it as it is shown to them and I believe that it is our duty as spiritual beings, to recognize everyone's personal beliefs, religious affiliations and practices. Please have a look at my webpage at where you can read a bit about my background there. I custom write for you, all types, all faiths, all denominations, traditional, religious, and non-religious ceremonies , incorporating any customs or family traditions that you may wish to add. I am totally NON-JUDGEMENTAL and help create INSPRIATIONAL, ENERGETIC and INSPIRED wedding ceremonies that are LOVINGLY AND JOYOUSLY PERFORMED FOR YOUR WEDDING, "On the Beach, In the Air, On a Boat, Church, Home, Vineyard....Anywhere". I think the best way to get a feel for the love and affection between my married couples and me, and for what I did for them, is to read my referral button on my web page, where I have put only a few of the hundreds of letters. I generally build a terrific relationship with my brides and grooms that continues over the years and I’ve been asked many times to perform Christenings for those with religious convictions and “welcoming ceremonies” for the mixed religion or spiritual couples, when their children are born. One couple has had me do that….AS THEIR FRIEND, four times J. all because of the loving and warm relationship we have continued to enjoy, after the couples wedding day. I have NOT had a wedding on America’s funniest videos, but I’ve attended a few that could have easily won the weekly prize. YOU DO NOT want your most special day of your life, a day you’ve most likely dreamt of your entire life, to be a source of anything but the most fabulous memories. I will help you do that!!! Congratulations and I hope that you consider my services for your wedding ceremony, Many brides have their hearts set on my performing their weddings, so if you’re looking for your wedding minister/wedding officiant, call and chat, or e-mail me with any questions or if you'd like to schedule and deposit your wedding, as soon as possible. I’m available to talk or e-mail anytime, I'd most enjoy talking with you.