Catered Affair

424 Route 206 South, Hillsborough, NJ


The best of them all - An Eventective User from United States

Catered Affair, in short, is a a probably the best caterer currently available in the world, and of course, in New Jersey. I would know this from my past experiences, as I eat there just about every sunday. There quick service accompanied by their delicious sandwiches for brunch and lunch, combine to make them a one of a kind caterer. Every time I went to the store personally, they took only 5 minutes to get my sandwich to my plate. The only time I asked them to cater, it was easily the best money could buy, even though it wasn't even that expensive; and my guests all agreed!They were in quick, always smiling and denying help when placing the pans of food. All my friends got them to cater to their parties too, and they were so happy, they asked them to cater again and again.Truthfully, I think they did such a great job, I may never order from another caterer again; its as simple as that. If you try it, you will agree, Catered Affair is the best of the best and there is no reason to try and deny it.Don't waist your time looking for other caterers, there is no reason to even try! If you are anywhere near the New Jersey area, you know Catered Affair is your best bet for a party. You wont be disappointed!