The Wedding Officiant

Hillsboro, OR

About The Wedding Officiant

The Wedding Officiant is located at Hillsboro, OR. Heather Ann Mack performs non-denominational wedding ceremonies individually designed for each couple. A couple's wedding day is the beginning of a married life. Her treasure working with couples to help them create the vows that will be the foundation of their daily lives. Officiating at weddings grew out of her private practice as an interdenominational spiritual director. As she was meeting with individuals and couples she would often ask people to tell her about their wedding day. She love to dance the funky chicken at receptions as much as anyone else but her skills and passion are in helping couples create a wedding ceremony that is loving and poignant and most importantly the focal point of the day. Heather discovered while talking with people that the focus of their wedding day was most often placed on the reception and the ceremony was tossed to the side and given their left over energy. She wants the words spoken at a wedding ceremony to be words that will resonate with a couple throughout their marriage.