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The Gateway's Choice: A Perfect Touch Limo - An Eventective User from St. Louis, MO

This was my first time I've every hired a limo. I didn't go to my high school prom and there were very few occasions in my adult life that called for this luxury. A few months ago, my niece was getting ready to go to her high school prom and asked if I could hire a limo for her and her date as an early graduation present. I asked around and ""a Perfect Touch Limo"" was recommended to me. They were very courteous and offered me some pricing packages, as well as a brochure of limos to choose from. Since I mentioned that is was for my niece's special night, they offered me a promotion, which was $100 for the whole night. I also stressed about the trustworthiness of the driver (like making sure the kids don't get drunk, driving safely, act as part chaperone, etc). The manager permitted me to meet and assess the driver for myself ahead of time, which took a load off my mind. The kids got to choose a limo model of their liking and everything was setup easily. On the night of the prom, the limo and the driver arrived ten minutes early. He was extremely courteous and even opened the door for my niece and her date. He assured me not to worry and that the kids will be taken care of. He asked me for an emergency contact in the event of a contingency. After the night was over, my niece arrived back home happy and in one piece. She raved about the prom and the limousine, and I couldn't have been happier. I offered a tip to the driver, but he declined, saying that it was a pleasure. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone. I got top-notch service and their service was impeccable for such an affordable price.