Looking Back Films

8 Greene Ct, Hauppauge, NY

About Looking Back Films

Our primary goal is to create unbelievable memorable films that evoke your ultimate emotions. We produce ultra premium and impactful films, celebrating the love of all! As if your life was a flashback of your most important memories, we create a narrative montage, a true cumulative work of art. Our Looking Back Films are custom-built, heartwarming, and meant to last your family a lifetime! To produce entertaining films we always strive to be creative, making each film its own specialized entity. Our secondary goal is to get you to sit back, relax, and enjoy binge-watching every film in our library. Our luxurious Looking Back films are truly extravagant and best-in-class! They’re truly one of a kind and extremely unique! Looking Back is a rare entity in which we use home video that you've captured with your smartphone to preserve your loving memories in an incredible, imaginative, and exciting way!