Our Fellowship in Christ Officiant – Pastor Jean Jones

P.O. Box 783, (Black Rock Rd), Hampstead, MD

About Our Fellowship in Christ Officiant – Pastor Jean Jones

I care to look at myself as a traditional pastor with an evangelical musical heart. I like music to be incorporated in the ceremonies I like to see joy throughout the congregation. I feel the need to offer the sacraments to every man and woman being wed, if they so choose, to symbolize and remember the Lord who died for you and me. Also I want to show what a great miracle it is that He is uniting a man and woman in Holy sacred matrimony and by sealing promises between them. We acknowledge as the congregation (witnesses) within Our Fellowship in Christ Ministry that the couple having had faith in each other will receive many blessings through our prayers and through their true connection made in Christ in studying what Jesus has made available to me. May our fellowship daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, be fruitful as we all rest in Him, our Lord and Savior let us give thanks for all things received by the grace of God. Amen.