ALLOR Bazookah Bar

Hallandale, FL

About ALLOR Bazookah Bar

Welcome to the future where tradition meets evolution. Inspired by the richness of the middle east and paying homage to the authentic hookah we have created the ALLOR Bazookah. We are the ?rst luxury electronic hookah service based out of South Florida. Featuring our modern design and sophisticated technology, Bazookah bar o?ers an incomparable hookah experience. We service a full range of events where guests can indulge in a variety of hookahs and flavors. Bazookah bar guarantees satisfaction exempli?ed by its experienced staff and high-end products. Fireless. Coal Free. Risk free. Liability free. Tobacco free. No Tobacco License Needed. Easy/Clean Setup. Take your event to the next level with ALLOR Bazookah Bar.