Sample This! Fine Catering

328 Main Street Suite101, Half Moon Bay, CA


Weird ideas... - An Eventective User from Orinda, California

SampleThis! Catering, while I did enjoy their samples. They had some weird ideas about how to cater a wedding. They wanted people to be seated in such a way that only made sense when they explained it a second time. They had nonsensical ideas of putting snacks everywhere as if it's some sort finding game. The food on the table was almost exotic. They had Indian food, Italian food, you know, they gave us the works. But there just wasn't enough variety, and I like variety. I liked their lasagna. Their food was set up so it contained no peanuts and other substances that could cause an allergic reaction. It's really thoughtful because the caterer told us stories of the groom being allergic to his own wedding's food. In the end, this wedding turned out perfect. Just don't use their strange ideas. They set up a nice drink table or bar if you prefer that word. This "bar" was set up in the general commotion area, not to be confused with an eating area. That was in a different place. Their buffet was nice, their planning was weird. But it might just be me, this Is the first catering service I had experience with. The one great thing about it is that they worked together with the bed and breakfast the wedding was at. The person who planned this catering service referred to the gal that owned the place constantly. Pretty cool place, but I'm pretty sure other catering services would let you sample their food too.