Andy Lemaire, Guitarist

Greensboro, NC

About Andy Lemaire, Guitarist

Classical guitar could be just what your event needs. It’s a style that’s broadly appealing. It has an elegance that pleases connoisseurs, yet a number of more mainstream music genres can be arranged to fit the classical guitar format. Hiring a classical guitarist is also practical. Compared to a multi-person ensemble, hiring one musician is less expensive. And, a single musician will take up far less space in an event area, leaving more room for your guests. I’m Andy Lemaire, a guitarist who has been active in the Greensboro and Winston Salem, NC area for years. I have extensive experience in both the classical and jazz styles, and a diverse repertoire of music that can be arranged to fit a variety of settings. I’m a friendly, dedicated, and reliable professional who will adapt to the needs of your unique event.