Sonic M.D. LLC

719 S. Taylor St., Green Bay, WI

About Sonic M.D. LLC

Why hire Sonic M.D.? Serving Green Bay and the Fox Valley, Sonic M.D. is one of Northeast Wisconsin's first Audiovisual vendors to offer Wireless Show Control, a real problem solver for events where a traditional Front-of-House setup would take up valuable seating space. Our scalable, state of the art sound systems provide well-articulated sound to any size audience while maintaining a clean, uncluttered professional appearance. Sonic M.D. features the work of Daniel Collins, a musically trained sound engineer with years of professional experience supporting events such as outdoor weddings, musical theatre, choral concerts and company parties. What do these situations have in common? The top priority in all of them is not how loud everything can be, but rather, making sure the core message, whether sung or spoken, can be clearly understood throughout the listening area.

Package Pricing

Sound Reinforcement for Outdoor Weddings
Attendees: 50-1000 | $300 - $800 /event
Pricing for all event types