Reverend Michael Gregory

17711 Penny Court, Grass Valley, CA

About Reverend Michael Gregory

Reverend Michael Gregory Selecting a wedding minister is one of the most important decisions you can make. Your wedding should be a service of love and acceptance for you, your family and your wedding guests. There are no restrictions placed on couples who wish to be marrried. Reverend Michael Gregory has performed hundreds of weddings since 1999. The only requirement is that you love each other and have a sincere desire to be married. A customized ceremony to fit your specific needs and honor your personal beliefs will be created just for you. Counseling, church membership and special classes are not required. Couples of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome. Today the many couples, who have decided to have their wedding ceremony in places other than the church, haven't abandoned the spiritual aspect of marriage, they have just decided to think outside of the box when it comes to their nuptials. I have performed weddings at parks, gardens, beaches, resorts, country clubs, hotels, private homes and landmarks. As your reverend I will travel to a location of your choice to perform your ceremony. Whether you prefer formal or informal, non-denominational, civil, contemporary, multi culture, interfaith, military or special theme wedding ceremonies, I will create and perform that special ceremony for you. I would like to celebrate the union of your two hearts and minds, the joining of two souls already one in spirit. It is my great pleasure to honor the sacred, public acknowledgment of the love you have for each other. I believe that each marriage is uniquely special in the eyes of our creator. My goal is to make your ceremony fun, meaningful and as stress free as possible. I will perform a personalized, unique and memorable ceremony you will always treasure. I can also provide a sound system, CD music or even live music for your ceremony to enhance your experience, save you some money and simplify the logistics at many types of locations. I will quote you a fair price, which covers all your requirements once your specific needs have been established.