Metropolitan Hot Club

14 Hillcrest Ave, Goshen, NY

About Metropolitan Hot Club

MHC is a gypsy jazz group that plays hot swing of the 30s and 40s. Steeped in the gypsy jazz tradition, the group celebrates the music made popular by legendary guitarist, Django Reinhardt, and jazz violinist, Stephane Grappelli. An impressive repertoire of period music, along with newer favorites and a growing body of original compositions, make for an unforgetable listening experience. “MHC has the ability to transport you to many different places; a jazz club lounge dancing the tango, a gypsy caravan's campfire, front row seat at the orchestra or a lovely corner table at the best restaurant in Orange County! Be assured that you will be entertained by the talent of the musicians as well as the choice of the music.” Patricia Mazo Owner of Boldles Opera House/ Maggies in the Alley “Metropolitan Hot Club is one of the best of the Django inspired groups and certainly the most fun. Their playing exemplifies the spirit and swing of Jazz’s golden age.” Jack Kleinsinger Founder and producer of Highlights in Jazz, New York City's longest-running jazz concert series