Trotter's Floral Touch

117 North 9Th Street, Gladstone, MI


Great Floral Service - An Eventective User from Gladstone,MI

Over the past 14 years I have purchased floral products on multiple occupations from Trotter's floral touch. My wife recommended them to me while we were still dating. The first product purchased was a Christmas center piece. I walked into Trotters and introduced myself. The owner new my fiancee at the time and was very friendly and helpful. Specifically, she listened to me and helped me to pick out the right centerpiece for me. I didn't feel at the time any pressure to spend more than I had wanted to. Over the years I have picked out many more centerpieces. They have all lasted through the season. I've also purchased flowers for our anniversary as well as the ""I'm sorry"" bouquet that every man needs. I can't stress enough how well Trotter's interacts with me. That goes for the owner as well as her employees. I think it stems from a great work environment. You can sense it while either ordering flowers over the phone or in person. I cannot stress how important that is. I've also ordered flowers for memorial services and these are the times when you especially need a smooth and helpful transaction. One important factor that I haven't stated was timeliness and accessibility. Like most men, I don't order anniversary roses until the day of the anniversary. No worry though. Trotters Floral Touch has always been able to deliver with specific details on delivery times. I specifically remember calling one anniversary morning and stating I needed the flowers delivered by 3 in the afternoon. The arrived as promised. Overall I would recommend Trotter's Floral Touch because they are true professionals who deliver a well priced product in a timely manner, consistently.