Darby-Doll Photography

Gastonia, NC

About Darby-Doll Photography

With all thats invested in your magical day it's important to spend wisely on photography without scrificing quality. Therefore, I believe in offering the best combination of professional photography and features. But ultimately my goal is to create for you the most personalized and beautiful collection of photographs that you could possibly receive. A collection which you will truly enjoy seeing and sharing. I do this by visualizing many photos before I even shoot them, I also think forward as to how a particular shot should best be processed in my digital darkroom so that it uniquely evokes the mood and beauty in a way thats more than just skin deep, just as the bride and grooms passion are also deeply felt. My wedding photography work is diverse and this lends well to creativity, as does combining my event photography and portrait photography experience. One element I do find important is spending time with you before your big day to understand the types of photographs and poses you have envisioned for yourselves. this way we create together the most wonderful photos that you can imagine, and that imagination is real because it will be the photographic storybook of your wedding.