TATs 4 All - temporary airbrush tattoos

Fresno, CA

About TATs 4 All - temporary airbrush tattoos

TATs 4 All, a family owned business, is a temporary airbrush tattoo provider here in Fresno. I am writing to introduce our new business that's been open since October 2008 and it's one we are having a lot of fun with and really enjoying. What we offer are temporary airbrush tattoos that can last up to 2 weeks. If a customer wants to remove it, it can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol...you don't have to wait for them to fade away. People can choose from over 600 designs we carry or we can have a custom stencil made for a private or promotional event. It's a great way for someone to try out a tattoo without having to commit to anything permanent. We can spray a tattoo in as little as 2 to 3 minutes...and there's no pain. It's a new and fun thing and it's starting to take off for birthday parties, holiday parties, and other celebrations. It works well for corporate events (team building), company picnics and festivals.