The Smokestack Barrons

315 Ridgetop Road, Franklin, NC

About The Smokestack Barrons

If have you ever walked into a nightclub, and been blown away by the band performing... it is likely The Smokestack Barons were playing that evening. The Smokestack Barrons ... currently a power duo with drummer/vocalist Rodger Mason and bassist/vocalist Taylor Mason make it hard to believe your only hearing a duo by utilizing cutting edge technology to reproduce classic album rock hits like Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" ... The Beatles " A day in the life"... Elton John's "Levon" ... Billy Joel's "Goodnight Saigon" and Don Henley's "New York Minuet" just to mention a few. Mason's vocals tend to sound like the original artist from song to song. Mason has his own distinct vocal style but is some what of a vocal chameleon. His vocals tend to be of the smokey blues genre as well as rock tenor Paul Rogers of Bad Company fame. His son Taylor Mason seems to have this same gift, and it's hard to tell their voices apart and together, their harmonies are tight and forceful. The Smokestack Barons is a labor of love by veteran performer, recording engineer and stage technician Rodger Mason. See his on line resume' and hear some of his original material at roadie jobs dot ning forward slash profile forward slash mason Playing drums and singing lead & back up vocals for bands specializing in rock & blues to top forty dance, Rodger has performed in countless bands all over the US and the Caribbean. As a professional IA stage tech Rodger has set up shows for cooperate events and mega rock shows like Bruce Springsteen, Radiohead, The Rolling Stones and Lynard Skynard. Rodger has a rare combination of experience that puts this project above and beyond most duo/trios and even some full bands. As a vocalist Rodger has worked with such acts as 38 Special, Johnny Neel, The Outlaws and Three dog night. Rodger sang lead in Nashville based group "Granny White" with Van Morrison's sax man Jeff Coffin, Grammy award winning guitarist Richard Aspinwall and Maynard Ferguson's drummer Chris Brown. As a song writer Rodger has penned hundreds of songs and had cuts in Europe as well as in the states. Most recently The Outlaws cut "Trail of Tears" written by Rodger & Outlaws guitarist Chris Anderson as seen on youtube. We are doing album rock, top forty and some blues and plan to have hundreds of songs as well as some original material and a great light show to set the mood. If you would prefer a larger band, the Smokestacks have an arsenal of A list players from Nashville available to them for additional fee's. If you would like a band that "sounds like the record" for your event... you want The Smokestack Barrons!