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Posts: 3 June 23, 2010
color theme : yellow/white/silver or red/white/silver
budget : $4k
type : semi-formal
capacity : 100+
location : Tampa,FL
→Please if you have any constructive advice let me know !!
Thanks in advance((((:
Posts: 17 June 26, 2010
Hi, congrats on the big "16" what an awesome time! And what a fun party to have!!!! If you have any questions or are still needing help, i am more than happy to help you, visit my site and then give me a call and we can talk more. Take care, Aimee Gillum owner of DIVAlity EVENTS www.divalityevents.com

Guest June 25, 2010
If you are in the NJ/NY/PA area we could bring a casino theme party to your location. Please contact us at casinonj2@aol.com. We have done many Sweet 16's in the area and the kids had a great time. Our web-site is:dicetwice2.com

Looking forward to helping you.


Guest June 24, 2010
It is difficult to give you any suggestions on where to have your party because you did not say what state you were in. I am sure that you can have your party for under your budget. If you are located in N.J. please give me a call at 973-543-2145 or you may email me at socialg@msn.com Social Graces, Inc. has been in business for over 24 year and we have always catered to our clients and saved them money. Our website is www.socialgracesnj.com If you are not in our area you may order your invitations on line at: www.SocialGracesInc.cceasy.com
We will help you word your invitation and answers any questions that you might have about party. We will also give a discount on your invitation order.
Best Wishes,
Social Graces, Inc.

Guest June 23, 2010
Where are you located? Most definitely do-able. Email me at leaders@kingdombusinessworld.com
I am an event planner.
Posts: 7 June 23, 2010
My wife would like to speak to you. She says that she has a great idea where you can have the party and a few other things. I'm just relaying messages, so if you would call her when you get a chance, she would probably be able to tell you in detail some of the things she has in mind. I would be more than happy to photograph the event as I am a professional photographer.

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