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Posts: 1 June 21, 2010
My wife hasnt had a birthday party and i would like to throw her one for her 30th but I dont want to spend 1000 but i want it to be held at a nice venue also. we live in va beach and i would like to know if someone knows of somewhere we can have this party
Posts: 3 July 17, 2010
Well it depends, If you are just inviting some close friends and family, I would select a beautiful and secluded part of the beach and set up a few long tables and tents with linen cloths, silverware, centerpieces and place cards. Have a bonfire and private seafood dinner party and let the kids roast marshmallows around the fire.

I would suggest you hire a local planner or ask a close family friend or family member to help with the preparations. After dinner maybe make an announcement and suprise her with a special gift.

Oh you can probably find a local seafood restaurant near the beach to cater for you. Lots of fine wine and champayne will keep everybody festive. Try to keep it elegant because turning 30yrs old is really a wonderful chapter for a woman.

Hope this helps,
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Guest July 11, 2010
check out Best Western Hotel's site which offers an array of good eateries. Lunch/brunch is always cheaper and you can ask if they can order a cake for you and you can just do a one-glass champagne or mimosa (juice & champagne) toast. Order a pre-fixe menu with one cocktail. (I can design a menu for you once you decide) and if anyone wants more drinks, just note that there is a "cash" bar. I think this would be a perfect 30th birthday and do encourage your guests to bring her gift certificates to her favorite stores, like Macy's Victoria Secrets and the like. Good luck. If you need help, do let me know.
Posts: 385 June 21, 2010
Hi Jeron,

I'm not sure what month your party is, but if it is in the "off season" you may be able to negotiate some excellent rates with the beach front hotels and restaurants. Why not take a walk to the ocean front facilities that appeal to you and see what they will offer you. Using my "Entertainment" card I have gotten hotel rates for a fraction of what I would pay in season in Virginia Beach.

If you would like some ideas for preparing invitations, cards, signs and activities for the party you might also take a look at:
All of these show ideas which can be implemented, many for the cost of ink and paper only.

If you have any questions or would like some additional program ideas, please feel free to contact me through my Eventective profile for a complimentary telephone consultation.

Have lots of fun,

Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro

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