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Posts: 1 June 2, 2010
I am planning a 36th b-day celebration for my daughter. Her passion is shoes. I would like to incorporate shoes into the celebration. I need some ideas---pleeze............! LOL!
Posts: 385 June 2, 2010
Hi Ritaluvslife,

Why not have a surprise party (or at least part of it) in a real shoe store? It would be a real win/win for everyone:
  • Your daughter should really enjoy it
  • It would provide the store an opportunity to show their latest and greatest shoe line to what are probably amongst the best customers they could ever hope to have.
  • It is novel enough to perhaps be of interest to the local newspaper and or broadcast media features department.
  • Seeing the party would probably attract customers to the store.
All refreshments (cookies, cake, sandwiches, etc.) should be shaped like shoes.

All decorations (flowers, etc) should be shaped like shoes.

If your daughter likes party games:
  • Have a shoe shaped Pinata
  • Have a "Price is Right" style game with Shoes as the merchandise
  • Guess the shoe size by looking at it
  • Guess the shoe weight by looking at it
  • How many jelly beans or peanuts or pennies can you fit in a shoe contest?
  • Guess what shoes you are wearing by feel alone (while blindfolded and to make it more challenging... without touching them with your hands)
Of course you will want to take lots of photographs and possibly videotape part of the celebration. In the Making Events Memorable forum (second and third postings) I recommended some creative ideas in which each guest would bring a sign to the event... and be photographed presenting the sign to the birthday honoree. You might wish to include this activity at your event... with the customization that all signs should have a shoe theme. In the fourth posting on the same forum I make some recommendations about invitations. You might wish to make your invitations as I suggested, only customize what I've suggested with a shoe theme.



Guest June 2, 2010
Way cute idea! I would have everyone wear there most funky or special shoes that they own. Give a prise for the most original and craziest. All the suggestion that Quentin suggested are great!
Posts: 20 June 2, 2010
Some ideas:
* Everyone wears red shoes at the party / funky slippers?
* Game to match shoes to the owner
* Shoe shaped ornaments, cake, or glass ware (if possible).
* Shoe trivia games done through the event.
* Raise money to buy shoes / boots for a homeless charity.

Quentin J Sarafinchan

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