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Posts: 2 June 1, 2010
Hi All -

I'm getting married this fall (yes, I know, that's really soon!), and my fiance and I are thinking about a destination wedding, just going somewhere else and avoiding all the traditional hassle.

What are the pros and cons of a destination wedding?

Any help would be much appreciated. We're leaning toward a cruise or something like Aruba.

Posts: 11 June 25, 2010
Hi Abby
Congratulations on your engagement! Destination weddings are always fun and exciting, it extends the celebration for longer than a few hours. A wedding on a cruise ship is entirely possible. The best part? You can invite everyone onboard for the ceremony, have cake and champagne, say goodbye and then cruise away for your honeymoon or continue the party with guests who wish to tag along. Not to worry, cruise ships are large enough for privacy as newlyweds! Weddings in Aruba can be done beautifully and there are a few guidelines that must be adhered to in order for your marriage to be legal here in the US. I am certified wedding planner and Travel Agent University certified destination wedding specialist. If you want to book your destination wedding - contact me, I've got some great deals right now for Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and Princess Cruises!

Guest June 16, 2010
Aloha Abby,

If you are looking for a destination beach wedding look up our website at , we are a private estate located in Puako, Hawaii.


Guest June 2, 2010
Hello Abby,

I am a wedding planner and I have recently been in touch with "Weddings and Honeymoons Abroad. They have explained many exciting ideas for weddings that are out of the US and had wanted me to be the representative for the greater Seattle, WA area. I am considering the offer and wanting to add this information to let my clients know about destination weddings. Destination weddings are always more expensive to the wedding party and their guests, if they are done correctly.

Our suggestion would be to gather all the information you can to make your decision on having a destination wedding. See the final cost and always allow for the miscellaneous last minute expenses that will surely come up.
I agree that if you want a wedding in the US it would be great to pick a location near your home town so everyone that lives near by would have the option to travel or stay at the destination, what ever they could afford.
If you need any help in a destination wedding and you wish to travel to the beautiful Northwest-Puget Sound area, email us at and we can certainly help you with anything that you will need.
We hope everything turns out the way you have envisioned your special day.

Hinda Bartoli

Guest June 1, 2010
Have you thought about the Southwest? El Portal Sedona Luxury Inn has held many weddings. This is an incredible bed and breakfast. There are only 12 guest suites, beautiful views, close tot the Grand Canyon, check them out Also they just held a wedding there. Here are the bride's comments:
Posts: 314 June 1, 2010
Hi Abby -

We've written this article to help our brides that are thinking about a destination wedding, and might not have the funds.

Best of luck to you, and congratulations on your engagement!

Posts: 5 June 1, 2010
hawaii is a great place to do beach weddings.
Posts: 30 June 1, 2010
As a planner in one of the most frequented destination wedding locations in the US I can say that there are plenty of pros and cons, but most people I know who go that route end up very happy with the experience. The pros and cons really depend on you and your family. It also depends on your budget and what you are looking to get out of the experience. I will tell you not...I not try and do a destination wedding without a planner. I know that many people believe that DIY is easy, but it is twice as difficult to accomplish without someone to help guide you through all the steps and help you keep to your checklist. I also always advise my clients to try and hire a planner that is either located at the location of their wedding or at least a planner that has been there and planned an event/wedding there before. You would be surprised the pitfalls that can come with not being at all familiar with your venues, local, vendors, and general atmosphere. If your planner cannot visit the location make sure he/she is connected with a planner at the location and that they have adequate materials describing and/or showing your venue.
There is much more I can tell you about this, but it would take a year to cover it all. Just go in with your eyes wide open, leave plenty of time to plan, and definitely have money in your budget for last minute pitfalls of destination weddings (which believe me can happen and are more expensive than local pitfalls).
Where are you located? If you need any more help you can email me directly at

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