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Guest Valdosta, GA July 16, 2013
I cant find a pretty place that is in my budget. or that will let me decorate like I want.
Location: Valdosta, Georgia
Possible locations I could have a party at: Swainsboro, Georgia. Douglas, Georgia. Dublin, Georgia. Vidalia, Georgia.
preferred locations are the first 4... A sweet 16 is special to me and I would like a beautiful but yet not a very expensive inside place.

Guest Georgia July 7, 2014
You should have it at the Holiday Inn Conference Center on Exit 16. My friend had her wedding there and it was really nice!
Posts: 95 July 16, 2013
Sweet 16s are special, places you can consider look into the college campuses they might have some rooms for rent, you are going to have to be mindful of the décor most places do not allow things to be pinned up on their walls or stapled so you might have to change find a new way to decorate your party.
Posts: 1 July 16, 2013
Congratulations on your Sweet 16. I am not in that area of Georgia but you might want to check some area hotels, golf courses and community rooms, I know that they usually have spaces that people can hold parties and weddings. They let you do your own decorations and it might just fit your budget. Hope you find what you like.
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