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Guest August 17, 2012
My husband and I are pallning a vow renewal on our 5th anniversary because we didn't get to have the wedding we wanted with all of our family present since he PCS'ed to another state a couple of months before the wedding! Now we want to have our wedding with all of our family in NY and my fahter will be able to attend this one he was not able to attend the first one. Any help would be greatly appreciated! We will have around 200 guests I would love a nice hall that we can decorate ourselves but we are totally open! When I say budget I mean BUDGET venue dont want to spend more than $2000 (prefer less) and we are having it on a Friday which is usually cheaper so I hope that will help!
Posts: 387 August 17, 2012
Hi Guest,

Congratulations on your upcoming fifth wedding anniversary. Also, thank you for your service to our country. As MyBelovedNYC10036 has pointed out $2,000 is not a lot of money to do a wedding vow renewal with 200 guests. I agree with MyBelovedNYC10036 that working with a religious institution or a friends property is probably a very good option for you. Another option would be to check on using a school facility or a public park.

Considering your budget you may want to consider doing everything as a family/friends/community project from preparing the food to doing the decorations. With very careful budgeting (and choosing a venue such as a very cooperative friends property or a religious institution) you may be able to pay your clergy person, an organist or other musician affiliated with your religious institution and buy supplies to make decorations and uncooked food ingredients to feed 200 for close to your budget. Your challenge will be to have an enjoyable time in the family/community effort to prepare for your very special event. While I normally recommend hiring a photographer as a top priority, in this case you may be best off asking a couple of family members who have demonstrated talent in taking photos of people in the past to help out as a good photographer would probably charge most of your budget, if not more.

If you go the family route, don't expect everything to be "letter perfect." Just aim to have a meaningful and enjoyable day no matter what glitches come up. Take lots of photos and videos and simply enjoy what goes right and what ends up not working as planned too.

While I appreciae the other guest's point of view about waiting until you have more money, I would not want to make this recommendation, especially if your dad (or other friend or family member) is not well.


Ronald G. Shapiro, Ph. D.
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Guest August 17, 2012
I'm on a budget too! We pay bills just like you and get nothing for free. Really we pay more just because we are a business. So my advise to you is either wait till you can afford it, or get the government to pay for it as they have no budget.
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Dear Guest - NY on a budget:
It is extremely difficult for your guest count to be on your $2000 budget. Unless you have your family and friends chip in food, your budget would still be a bit low - but doable.

Where in NY are you? I am a planner and may be able to help, but keep in mind that it is an extremely huge challenge.

My suggestions:

1. If you belong to a church, is there any party room? Or, do you have a family member or friend who would be able to help you do that? This way you usually give a donation and lack the rental fee.

2. You can have a backyard wedding. Do you know anyone with a house and nice backyard?

3. Can you cut your guest list?

4. As I can see, your option would be just a wine and appetizer party, which can be done nicely, earlier in the day, followed by cake and a candy table whereby your guests can bring candy home as a favor, and a very basic photo package.

Give me a call and we can chat.

Best regards,

Lise Ramos
646 684 4294

Guest August 17, 2012
where in ny?

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