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Posts: 314 July 10, 2012
I am very impressed with the results I am getting since I created my listing as a banquet facility/event center on Eventective and upgraded to a Featured Partner.

I own and operate Bella Chiesa Banquet Center and Sons of Italy in America, a national non-profit and banquet center. We have created many social networking business pages and listings to expand our exposure when people are searching online for services that we provide.

From my website and Facebook business pages, to advertisements in the local periodicals, when I ask someone calling or walking into my business how they heard about us, the answer has overwhelmingly been “Eventective.” After Eventective, general online searcheshave brought me the rest of my business. My website and Facebook pages have been virtually useless.

I realized that the more information I could provide about my company on my Eventective listing, the more results I was going to see. Customers want to get all the information they are looking for about a place, product or service while also not being overwhelmed with too much information. Eventective makes it very clear, so when someone views my listing they can quickly understand what my company is, where we are and what we do. The photos and testimonials are key, and the pay per lead program has been most beneficial to my company, with new leads in my area made available to me every day. I will literally have my browser set on my list of leads and refresh it all day keeping an eye out for more business. It is that relevant! Why go from company site to company site when Eventective can do it all for you.

If business owners utilize the services that Eventective offers to their fullest advantage, they will absolutely see results. If I want to pursue potential business that interests me, I can make the decision to move on a lead, retrieve the details and contact information I need and follow up. It is as though Eventective is cold calling for me all day long with much less work and amazing results.

I’d like to personally thank Eventective for reaching out to me and making sure I was satisfied with their service. Thank you very much and keep up all the hard work you’re doing for small business ownerslike me.

Bella Chiesa Banquet Center, Gorham, ME
Michel Salvaggio Jr., Owner

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