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Guest June 14, 2012
My name is Hugo, I was the class of 2012 sponsor for Burbank High School. I was tasked with looking for a venue to hold our prom. After looking at numerous hotels and event centers I stumbled onto a real gem. Granberry Hills is traditionally used for weddings but the venue lent itself very well for our prom. The venue we used (Hillside) can hold up to 300 guests comfortably with a sizable dance floor for all those guests. This was more than big enough for our event. The staff was super helpful and the venue and grounds were incredible. The price included set up and clean up. I dropped off our decorations a few days before the event and they took care of the rest. After the event they took care of everything and had all our decorations packed up in boxes and loaded them on my truck. I actually felt bad that I didn't help clean up. As a class sponsor it was a real relief to let someone else carry a little bit of the burden. For a price that was $2000-$3000 less than the next closest competitor (but without all the extra help like set up and clean up). The combination of a beautiful venue, friendly and helpful staff and a great venue manager is enough to convince me to highly recommend Granberry Hills for any event that requires a large guest list. You will not regret booking your event at Granberry Hills and you will be shocked (like I was) at how affordable Granberry Hills is, espcially given all the ameneties you receive with the price.
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