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Posts: 314 June 4, 2012
Thank you Eventective for the work you put into developing your “EventClicks” program and your “packages” program!

These 2 programs have taken our company from being above average successful to incredible phenomenal growth in just 30 days. My personal time has been converted from sending out hundreds of “cold” emails begging brides and planners to choose us to answering phones, booking weddings and events, and following up on “hot” direct inquiries. I no longer have the time to work any “cold” leads and our bookings are up about 400% of what they were with much less time invested.

After just a few days it was obvious that we did not need any other paid lead sources and have shut down all other sites we had paid listings on. Just yesterday we had our 1st booking by a client who without even talking to us has paid a deposit through the packages program. Our website traffic has increased by over 33% because of the additional exposure we have received though these programs.

The staff at Eventective has gone far beyond the call of duty to quickly implement the changes to our campaigns and given us invaluable information on handling all the new traffic and interested prospects these programs have brought us.

I highly recommend these services to any business that is serious about getting a leg up on their competition, increasing their market exposure, and booking more business.

Michael Yanko

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