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Posts: 1 May 31, 2012
So I just got engaged after seven years of dating. He has been married before and sohave I. However, he had a wedding and I have not so I am looking to have thatspecial day. The problem is I have set a 5K budget for about 50-60 guests,food, alcohol (just wine/beer) flowers, photography, cake and the ceremony. Isthis possible? I will be 40 when I get married and I know this is a small budget but we are trying to buy a house. I need help! Any suggestions would be so appreciated. Thanks!

Guest northen VA August 25, 2015
Hello! I was searching for the same thing on the internet and I came across your post back in 2012.
did you find the right location and suited your budget?
as of now I m in the same predicament and wanted to obtain some tips from your wedding if you can!
Would you please contact me at thanks!
Posts: 3 June 4, 2012
It is possible to do a nice wedding on your budget if you are realistic and creative. We work with brides on all types of budgets and always try to implement ideas that will save money and still get a great look. If you need some info, contact me.
Posts: 2 June 4, 2012
Is it possible to have a wedding cheaper than 5k? With the wedding the video the catering the flowers the rehersal dinner etc. Any cheap ideas let me know. It's my first and I want it to be a day to remember! But money management is my goal...
Posts: 2 June 4, 2012
I also am in the same predicament as you. We have a budget because we are trying to manage our money for a home as well. But our goal isn't set for 5k, we must go lower... Do you think that's possible??
Posts: 20 June 3, 2012
Need a DJ that is both "Professional" and "Reasonable" then contact DJ Lady J! With over 10 years of experience, I have the "Professionalism" you are looking for, while providing it at a "Reasonable Price!"

We specialize in parties, weddings, military functions, class and family reunions, you name it. If the occasion calls for music then it calls for DJ Lady J. It's easy to remember: DJ Lady J and I'm easy to find.
Posts: 8 June 2, 2012
Congratulations! Sure it is! I'm an event coordinator and I tell all my brides that anything is possible, no matter how large or small their budget is. It's what you make it out to be and how carefully you plan. You have a few options. Think about holding your wedding during the middle of the week or on a Sunday. Most venues and vendors will give a discount for holding your event on one of these days. Fridays and Saturdays are the most sought after days, leaving venues difficult to find and at a premium. Believe or not, you can hold a destination wedding to one of our beaches that are near by. Check out Ocean City and Virginia Beach. You can apply for a beach permit through parks and rec, which will cost you roughly $200.00. I just worked with a couple who had a similar budget and a guest list of 75. They were able to hold the wedding of their dreams on the beach in Virginia Beach and their reception was held in a banquet room at a local restaurant nearby.

Your wedding should be one of the happiest days of your life and should be everything you dreamed it would be and more - stress free and a great time! We have been making special events happen for over 25 years and I would love the opportunity to help you with yours! We offer destination, full, partial, day-of and consulting services. With the exception of our day-of and hourly services, our fees are based on the individual needs of each client, budget, scope of the event, location, etc. We offer a consultation at no cost to you. We'll come to your home (or another location of your choice) and ask you a few brief questions. Together we'll come up with a wedding package that's right for you, and at a price that you can afford. Hiring a wedding coordinator can save you time, money, and a whole lot of stress! If you're interested in speaking with me, my information is below. I wish you all the best!

Karen Nottingham
Fab Affairs, LLC

Guest June 1, 2012
I would go with a bed and breakfast with a cabin or two and a Main house. That way you can mingle and cruise around and hot tub if you want to while still having a central room, 5 porches, four bathrooms, two kitchens, 3 outdoor patios, one BBQ...two beer tubs, etc.
Posts: 23 June 1, 2012
The venue can be one of the big ticket items in a brides wedding budget. It can be a true budget buster.
So in order to save some money, many brides seek venue spaces that are less expensive than ritzy hotels or specialty venues.

Consider possibly looking in to :
1) Personal Residences
The wedding can take place outdoors in the backyard. While the reception shortly follows on the inside of the home.

2) Community Center
Many community centers have built new or revampted their spaces. Often these venues play host to special occasions such as weddings and receptions.

3) Community College
With the size of your wedding party, you might want to consider a local community college. They definately have the space and audio visual equipment.

***** The best thing is, somethimes these flat fees or hourly rates are a fraction of what you would spend***********
I havent checked out any of the prices but heres a couple of links you can check into.

Just as a start. Try the Northern Virgina Community Center or county community center during busines hours. The prices are usually per the hour and ridicuously low.

Good Luck

Denise Moore
The Special Date

Guest May 31, 2012
Well, my daughter spent around that much on hers and it was beautiful! For the food, she had Boston Market cater it. They came in and set up a buffet table. No one knew they were and everyone was commenting on how good the food was! They were priced right too. She also used a local park which had an indoor facility to host such a gathering at a very reasonable cost. If you need more info email me at

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