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Posts: 23 May 24, 2012
You clicked on this article for one reason. To get some advice and to gain a better perspective. You are either on the fence of hiring an wedding planner, or you have hired one and think maybe you should do it on your own.

Read my thoughs and ideas. I hope this helps!

Enjoy your Wedding

You don’t have to worry about where someone put Aunt Gene's hat. When the vendor realizes they forgot to bring the stage hand prop. You won’t even know about it. If there is a major catastrophe in the parking lot, no one is running to you asking where is the wedding coordinator. When the photographer starts to ask for certain family members, that have scattered to the lobby, you don’t have to move an inch to rally them back. When the candlestick fails to automatically light, you do not have to ask the best man for his lighter. I think you catch my drift.

Having an event planner on site allows you to relax and be comfortable.


Most people have one wedding. Okay in some cases maybe two or three. However, I can guarantee that as many times you walk down the isle, an event planner has done it atleast 100 times over. They have a clear understanding of what is necessary and what it takes. They are familiar with common mistakes and as aresult knows how to avoid them. They also are better equipt to prepare for the unexpected.


Event planners spend their time working with venues and various vendors for a wide range of events. They have the networking capacity that takes a while todevelop. There is no comparison to the relationships they have built over time.
They are in constant contact with others that can help service your needs. Most cases, using an event planner can help you receive deep discounts you would otherwise be without.

Saving Money

They are organized and attempt to avoid making costly mistakes. They tend toknow if you are being ripped off or they may know an alternative less expensive route to reach your desired outcome. Some people think that if they do it themselves, they are saving money. This can be true. But in most cases when you add up the unnecessary spending, over budgeting and lack of networking perks, you may end up spending way more. As a result the outcome of your wedding mightalso suffer as well.


Your guest will also be able to appreciate the wedding when it is planned and executed properly. We all know that someone in your wedding party, family or friends will have something to say about it. It doesnt matter how perfect the wedding turns out. That will happen regardless. However, an event planner will be ableto make sure the event goes smoothly saving you from well deserved embarrassment and criticism.

I hope this post has helped you if you were on the fence in hiring an event planner for your wedding.
Believe me. Its well worth it!!

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Posts: 6 July 25, 2013
Nice, Wedding planner always manage a wedding ceremony sucessfully..A marriage coordinator is an experienced advisor who will help you with most )of the projects engaged in preparing your marriage. From providers, components, manners and even the tiniest of information, this expert has the abilities and connections necessary to make your day come together easily.
Posts: 3 July 2, 2013
Very relevant points! Shows how important it is to hire a wedding planner. Wedding planning may sound easy but it demands a lot of effort to get it perfect! An event planner is a blessing in that scenario. From square one of the wedding planning to the wedding banquet hall, a good event planner considers his responsibility to make it look all perfect!
Posts: 43 June 21, 2013
i read your post and it is really useful for me.One important things is the trust.So if we hired a wedding planner then choose an experienced and trustworthy wedding planner.
Posts: 23 May 25, 2012
Grooms Mom,

Thanks for inquiring. I hope you checked out my other posts as welll. To answer your question, it depends on the service option you choose, full service wedding managment or ala carte options. We would be delighted to speak with you. It doesnt matter where you are in the U.S. we service all states. We can fly personally to almost anywhere in the U.S. or we can help you find an local affiliate. You can email us at, visit the above website or call our offices!


This is very true. Its just impossible to know how anything will turn out. Wouldn't it be great if we could. Thats why anyone considering hiring an event planner, should know (1) what services the desire (2) clearly understand the contract (3) remain in contact with the planner. A lot of times the wedding planners are held accountable for the mistatkes and short commings of the other hired vendors. As an added caution, check out how much in depth their vendor interaction services are. A little aggression goes a long way, if your event planner is timid, they might lack the capacity to challenge or confront when vendors fall short of their guarantees. I might make another post about this topic. Thanks JoanVP for your comment and input.
Posts: 7 May 24, 2012
I agree with all of the above but add a note of caution! Like so many businesses there are VERY BAD planners who can make weddings a nightmare. Check out planners carefully----good ones are very good! Bad ones can ruin the biggest day in your life and be paid for doing so!!!
Posts: 1 May 24, 2012
What do you charge for your services?

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