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Guest January 3, 2012
Hey Brides-to-be!

Where is the go-to place for Wedding Day waxing in Albuquerque?

I've heard good things of European Wax Center and even visited their site, but I just want to make sure that on this big day, I'm making the right choice. I've never tried waxing before, so I'm a little scared.

Although...EWC gives free bikini, eyebrow, or underarm waxing to all first-time guests, or gives half-off on any other waxing service. That's enticing since I'm way over budget already! Every little bit of saving counts!

For now, I'm leaning towards European Wax Center. Has anyone been? What do you suggest? Can't wait to hear from you ladies!
Posts: 4 January 5, 2012
I agree. If you go 3-4 months ahead of time, the swelling and bruises will go down as well as you can touch up any spots missed. What I did is I went and bought an Philips Depilatory shaver. It pulls out the hair by its roots just like waxing without the cost, and I bought it so i can use it as many times as I want. I used in in October and have only had to do minor touch ups.

Guest January 4, 2012
if you have never waxed before I suggest going a good 3 to 4 months before your big day! even if the person doing the waxing is fantastic you could still have some minor bruises or redness. You want to know how your skin is going to react!!!!

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