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Guest March 17, 2010
We have a group of about 10 people and are planning a Corporate Team Building day. The problem that I'm having is there are two people in our group that have physical limitations that would prohibit zip lines and other "adventure" like activities. We don't want to leave anyone out. However, I am stumped. There is a local fun center, but its more for kids and doesn't look like it has a program that would fit with cementing a team. Any suggestions?

Guest October 27, 2010
Corporate Bowling parties are great. No one sits on the bench.
Posts: 16 August 28, 2010
How about geo caching in the city? how about a scavenger hunt finding going to businesses and getting an item from an employee and taking pictures with that employee for proof. We have had these scavenger hunts in limousines. I hope this helps.
Posts: 254 July 22, 2010
Dear Guest:
Re: Corporate Party Activities

People, even those with disabilities, love to move around and be active. I would suggest here to have a "Tai Chi" meditation class. Those who cannot stand, can sit in a chair. An instructor can give them arm, neck and other movements, deep breathing, and simple "yoga-type" positions that do not require stress on the body. This would be fun for all and a relaxing way to build up everyone's "chi" (energy). I would follow this with some Chinese treats like fortune cookies, Chinese Beer, spring rolls and green tea.

Those who have more physical abilities could learn Chinese fencing (using wood swords). This would be fun to watch and fun to photograph for your company memory book.

Let me know details (date, time, location) and I can recommend someone who can do a two-hour workshop.

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Posts: 2 June 13, 2010
maybe everyone would enjoy a 10-15 min chair massage. Great way to show some appreciation for all their hard work and they dont have to do anything physical!
Posts: 4 May 17, 2010
Team Building has everything to do with morale and appreciation of your employees for their hard work and dedication. When morale is up, and employees are appreciated, as owner of the company, your bottom line increases. Take some of that profit margin, bring in a motivational speaker for one hour, then treat them out to either a ballgame, dinner, a play, something that doesn't necessarily require physical skills but, will be appreciated by all.
Just by you showing you appreciate the employees, everyone is a winner!

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Guest March 23, 2010
Thank you for your suggestions. Great ideas! I think the TeePee is a fun thought, but we have a few people that, because of physical limitations, would not be able to paricipate in the building part...
Posts: 2 March 22, 2010
We do a TeePee buiding that is so much fun for everyone because everone is divded into teams and on each team are the gatherer's and the builders and the engineers, then we follow it with bongo drum beats.... each team creates their own unique tribal beat!
Posts: 385 March 17, 2010

Start by making a list of activities that everyone on the team enjoys. Then figure out how putting them all together will make a great day. For example if a few people like to cook, a few people like to play music, a few people like to decorate, and a few people like to drive you could have a "field trip" to a beautiful location where you could have a great meal with nice decorations, and fantastic entertainment.

Also if you would like to do some "game" type activities you will find a lot of them listed on the Activity Page the GeoCities Archive.

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