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Guest April 5, 2010
Rebecca Mead in her book One Perfect Day defines a bridezilla as:

"a young woman who, upon becoming engaged, had been transformed from a person of reason and moderation into a self-absorbed monster, obsessed with her plans to stage the perfect wedding, an event of spectacular production values and flawless execution, with herself as the star of the show."

See review of book here.

How would you define bridezilla, and what are some bridezilla-like things you have seen?

Or... are you one?
Posts: 190 June 17, 2010
what else makes a bridezilla? Brides are asking for help, and of course we(they)don't get it!What will make me a bridezilla the day of the wedding, is my wedding cake won't be there,my groom's tux has a major hole in it. Or everyone forgets what they are suppose to be doing on the day of the wedding! Plus what about the vendors who promise to bring the flowers to the wedding venue, have some set up at the reception, and the vendor never shows up. Even with the bridal bouquet. Watch wetv and see what really brings out the bridezillas. And don't get me wrong, men can really be groomzillas as well.

Guest June 17, 2010
try you're her maid of honor, your boyfriend offers free dj service you give weekend at the beach for bachelorette party(she says whatever you do will be great then day before says i don't really like the beach after you pay for everyones hotel) then complains about your attitude , give couples shower dinner for 12 and find out 50 will be coming the day before. after you spend all this money she tells you she does not need you as maid of honor anymore, defriends you in writing but asks if your boyfriend will still do the music and asks why you won't talk to her anymore.
Posts: 190 June 16, 2010
Have you seen the tv show? No wonder some bridesturn into one! Especially spoiled rotten ones. I'm not spoiled! I'm just stressed!

Guest April 13, 2010
bridezilla = you
Posts: 41 April 7, 2010
I agree that these posts have pretty much summed it up, but I also want to mention that this has to be an ongoing attitude from the bride to be, not just one bad day (because we all have them).

Guest April 6, 2010
I think the posts previous to this has pretty much summed it up. I can only say I feel for the groom of a bridezilla. I watch them on those TV reallity shows, and I can only think to myself, "why,, dude,, why." Anyway, I have been in the wedding industry for over 10 years now and I can honestly say I have never personnally had to work with a "bridezill" Knock on wood and praise the Lord. Unfortunately though, some of my employess have.

Guest April 5, 2010
Bridezilla doesn't just show up on wedding day, or at the wedding, now even in the pleanning. She has been growing into the "Zilla" she is now from childhood. Spoiled, disrespectful, selfish and jealous. This is a product of extremley liberal upbring, and with never being told "NO!...for what it's worth.
Posts: 2 April 5, 2010
Does her face look like this?

Found photo on
Posts: 6 April 5, 2010
I don't usually meet this Bride at the planning meeting or even the Rehearsal night
but she shows up on the Wedding Day. She has let "Stress" come as an unwelcomed
guest a Wedding Crasher and she has allowed "Stress"to create a little bit of a "Monster".

Friends and family around her are only there to calm her down, pacify her,
say nice things and positive things or else she will hurt someone with her
words and behaviour.
The way I see it is "Stress" shows up at every Wedding but you can
"Use it or Lose It". The purpose of Stress is to get things done
that need to be done in short order. It's the Stress that drives you to do
those things now. But if you don't recognize Stress for what it is
it will turn on you and make you into a most unlikeable person.
So get a handle on this thing called Stress and "Use It don't Lose It"

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