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Posts: 2 February 27, 2011
Greetings Eventective Community,

I have a a couple that I am working with and the the Best Man is a Woman. Have any wedding experts encountered this and what was your approach to be politically correct? Any feedback and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and the courtesy of a response.

All the best,

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Guest May 27, 2011
Ditto the comments by Rev. Ann Fuller, although I've also seen the terms Best Woman, Best Friend (and even Best Dog). You might ask the bride/groom what their preference is, too. I don't think there's any specific term that is "politically correct" in every situation. Do what sounds right for your local area and your specific bride and groom.


Marti Barton, Officiant
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Guest May 26, 2011
Don't call her at all!

Guest February 28, 2011
Best Woman for sure. I agree with abetterdj, bridesmen works too.

Guest February 28, 2011
We're calling her the Best Woman!
Posts: 17 February 28, 2011
Best Woman or Honor Attendant!
Posts: 31 February 28, 2011
We did a wedding 2 weeks ago that was all men in the bridal party. She called them bridesmen and there was a man of honor. No reason you can't have a best woman
Posts: 157 February 28, 2011
I use gender-neutral terms. The bridesmaids and groomsmen are simple "attendants" and the best man and maid/matron of honor are the "honor attendants." It works for both sides and has not caused any problems. I'm seeing men on the bride's side these days as well as more than one honor attendant, so it has definitely come in handy.

A program would list the individuals as:

Bride's Honor Attendant(s)
Bride's Attendants

Groom's Honor Attendant(s)
Groom's Attendants

Best Regards,
Rev. Ann Fuller
Melbourne, FL
Posts: 254 February 27, 2011

I'm also Latino, and I have encountered this in American weddings. A groom had a childhood best friend who was a woman and wanted her to be the "best man." (The bride had the usual "maid of honor" and "matron of honor.")

On the programs she was listed as "The Best Wo-Man" on the grooms' side. When the DJ announced the bridal party, he stated something like this: Here is the Maid of honor, "Sally," being escorted, not by the best man, but the "best woman", Bills childhood friend, Ms. Candy Smith." She can also be referred to as "Best Friend of Honor to the groom."

People responded well and thought it was neat. On the reverse, when a bride has a Maid of Honor who is male or gay, he is usually referred to as Man of Honor to the Bride or Best Friend of Honor to the Bride.

Hope this helps!

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