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Guest February 2, 2011
Am planning a Sweet 16 bday party for my daughter in San Jose and just dont know where to start! Usually I am very good at this but somehow I am not sure what to do for her. She is NOT a girly girl type where she likes bling, pink etc. She's a total Star Wars Geek!! The party is for around 50 people max including kids! so I need a restaurant which will cater a buffet style meal and some entertainment... does anyone have any suggestions?Thanks!
Posts: 31 February 10, 2011
We have done thousands of sweet 16s and provide free planning assistance with all of our packages. We have people in SJ, Give us a call
Posts: 385 February 2, 2011
Hi Guest,

I'm not from San Jose, so I cannot respond from first hand experience.

I did read your description and then did some Goggle searches.

The Tech Museum had a website which looked interesting. Why don't you call them and see what ideas they might have for a special function which could include an I-MAX Movie, exhibits, etc. While generally for younger children, they do have museum sleep-overs which might, with some modification, be what your daughter might like.

Alternatively, you might want to find another i-max style theater in your area and focus the event around the entertainment rather than the buffet. You can always find a restaurant with a buffet or family style dining near the entertainment (or possibly order in pizzas... at the entertainment).

As another alternative, you could rent lots of star war costumes... and let the kids have fun with making videos, etc. in costume--perhaps at a photography studio.

I hope this helps...

Ronald G. Shapiro, Ph. D.
Education By Entertainment

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