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Posts: 1 Tampa Bay Area, FL July 28, 2014
Hey everyone,

My group is in need of a reliable venue that we can host video game tournaments for our group Tampa eSports. We have approximately 150 people who bring their computers to our events to compete against each other in their game of choice, or just casually play games with eachother in a local setting.

A suitable venue will be ~7500+ square feet, Have either ample power capabilities or the ability to park a generator close by. Must also have high speed internet that we would pay to upgrade for the days of our event.

We're hoping to start having two day events, so if this is an option that's great but not required.

Our budget is under $2,000 a day. Our events last about 12-14 hours typically. If anyone has any leads or ideas please let me know here or via email james@tampaesports.com

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