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Posts: 1 Santa Rosa, CA June 30, 2014
Hi, I'm trying to throw a surprise party for my friends 15th birthday since her mom could not afford to throw her a quinceanera. Any ideas to have a fun surprise birthday party while it not being to expensive?

Posts: 385 July 2, 2014
Hi Prada1189189,

Thank you for being kind and planning a special party for your friend's 15th birthday. She is fortunate to have a caring friend such as yourself.

My first thought is to make the party a partial, but not a total surprise. That is, tell your friend you are planning something very special for her 15th Birthday. Ask her:
  • if there is anything really special she would like to do
  • if there is anything she does not want to do
  • who must be invited
  • who should not be invited.
Agree on a place and time where you will meet her for her special surprise celebration. Tell her that you want most of the event to be a surprise, so you won't be telling her any more about it, even if she asks questions. Tell her not to worry about what she'll be wearing as you'll select something for her for the occasion since telling her what to wear might spoil some of the surprise. (You may find some clothes from your closet, a friend with a similar size's closet, or work with her mom to select something from your friend's closet.)

Why do I strongly recommend against the total surprise? Your friend may be feeling badly that her mom can't afford a big event, especially between now and her birthday. You don't want her to feel badly. You want her to have fun looking forward to her birthday and the event. There are still plenty of opportunities for surprises.

I have developed a web site http://www.SuggestionsForBirthdays.Com to help you plan a fun, memorable event with very minimal expense. Work with your mom or dad, your other friends, and your friend's mom or dad for guidance on the planning, too!

Be sure that everything you do is safe.

Ask questions here for additional ideas.

You and your friends will have a lot of fun.

Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD

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