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Guest November 1, 2010
We are looking for a place to have just our ceremony. We would like for it to be outdoors possibly by the James River. We can't seem to find any places that will allow you to have just the ceremony and not the ceremony & reception. Any ideas????
Posts: 18 December 8, 2010
Check out Parks and Recreation for you city or county. There will be plenty of venues that will allow you to have a wedding there. Try vacation rentals as well.

Good Luck!

Guest November 6, 2010
We agree with forest hill, beautiful place.

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Posts: 254 November 3, 2010
Dear Guest,

Did you check out Bryan Park?

If this does not work, they may be able to refer you to other parks or picturesque surroundings in your area.

However, I think you should still consider Forest Hill Park. You should have a planner or florist help you with the decor. They would be able to figure out how to go around any "sketchy" things and can really make the area look great. With set up of an alter with all the right trimmings, some lights, keeping it simple and elegant, you can have a splended affair. If your wedding vows will be short, you may not need chairs; or you can rent a few benches and trim them with inexpensive flowers, tulle and ribbon. Your wedding will be just perfect.

Good luck!

Guest November 2, 2010
Well, originally we wanted to have it in Nags Head on the beach but quickly realized that we can not afford to do that. I would prefer to be in the Richmond area only because we will have a lot of out of town guest coming and I think it would be easier planning wise.

I have looked into Forest Hill Park which is right down the street from the place we want to hold our reception. It was beautiful, but there were some sketchy things about it at the same time.
Posts: 1 November 1, 2010
are you seeking a venue in Richmond only or are you open to surrounding areas?
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Guest November 1, 2010
Is there a public park along the James River. Either State or local. That would be the best bet. Contact them and see what you have to do to get permission to have the ceremony.
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Posts: 2 November 1, 2010
do you need a makeup artist for your wedding party?! smile

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