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Guest October 16, 2010
Since starting to plan my wedding I have changed teh details over 5 times,including colors,themes, I crazy? I think I found what I want to stick to now but Ive also thought that 5 other times,how do I know when to start making things official?
Posts: 254 October 21, 2010
Dear 100 times change your mind guest:
I recommend the following:
  • Pick out your wedding dress and your bridesmaid dresses. Once everyone has tried on and found "the right dress" and "the right color", then you can use this as a guideline for colors for your decor. It's also important because you and your ladies want to look good in the colors you choose. You may decide on ivory or white, or a white dress with black lace or a sash of another color. Your ladies should match similar to your style (length shouldn't really matter unless you choose a poofy ball gown, then your ladies should wear a long gown) and you should approve how they look in style and color.
  • So if you decide on an Ivory dress with beading, lace and crystals, and your ladies look great in a Tiffany Blue, then your colors are ivory, tiffany blue. You can also add a third accent color like chocolate brown which goes great with this kind of blue. If you decide on pink and white, then your accent color can be a darker color in the pink or red family.
See what I mean. Your clothing will determine the look of your wedding. And the colors will be obvious. You should also check out for color combinations and it's worth to purchase Modern Bride and other magazines which include much in the way of fashion, the latest trends and colors.

Good luck!
Posts: 41 October 21, 2010
You definitely want to ensure you have the colors and details decided upon at about 6-7 months before the wedding date, because you will need to have you and your bridesmaid's dresses picked out and ready to be purchased. Coordinating details would greatly depend upon the colors of these items, and you can coordinate pretty much every thing else to the colors of the dresses.

Along with the advice mentioned above, another piece of advice is to ask yourself - "What colors would I like to see my wedding party in?" Then go from there.

As an invitation designer, I am part of a network of professionals and experts who specialize in answering questions such as these, so don't hesitate to let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Best Regards,
Tiffany Dean
Twitter / @NeotericArt
FB: NeotericExpressions
Posts: 130 October 18, 2010
Hi. I think it is normal to change your mind. This is a very important day. What I suggest is write down 3 lists:

1. must haves
2. would like to have, but can live without
3. if we can, great, but if not no big deal

This will help you get your ideas on paper and makes it a lot easier to firm up and move forward.


Guest October 17, 2010
Choose your favorite color, them maybe incorporate your hubby to be favorite color. try to stick to no more than 2 to 3 colors and accent color(metal gold,silver, cooper etc...) Once you choose a theme/color STOP LOOKING! of course you are going to be WOW'd by other colors really stop and think about the season of your wedding (fall,summer,winter) the atmosphere or mood you want to convey, also think about a theme. Then STOP LOOKING!

Guest October 16, 2010
The venue must come first. When the venue is selected, you would be surprised how colors, themes, details begin to work out based on the strenghs of the location. Where do you live?
Posts: 27 October 16, 2010
Well i know how it feels to not know what you want. If you are confused try to take one thing from each color and scheme and see if you can do it all. Just remember when something feels right, its concrete.

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