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Posts: 157 October 13, 2010
Many times I would love to answer a bride's question, but she hasn't given enough information. I realize that often times, initial planning means details are tentative, but the following information is exceptionally helpful.

Size of Guest List
Anticipated Wedding Date

None of these have to be exact, but estimates can be very helpful. For example, "I want to get married in Central Florida, we're hoping to keep the guest list between 60-80, definitely under 100, we don't want to spend more than $10,000 and we're getting married in June 2011." Or, "I need a venue that will hold 250 guests but doesn't cost more than $1,500" will generate more helpful responses to your questions.

I have seen a number of posts requesting assistance with low-cost venues, but they didn't have nearly enough information to make adequate suggestions. We have a fabulous wedding venue here in town that is incredibly priced, but completely inappropriate if you have more than 55 guests. There are two Hiltons in my area, one can accommodate up to 200 guests, the other can go up to 400. If someone is getting married in Minnesota in December, I'm less likely to suggest an outdoor venue than if they are getting married in August. You get the idea. :-)

The more information you can provide, the better the answers you will get to assist you.

Best Wishes!
Rev. Ann Fuller
Melbourne, FL

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