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Guest October 12, 2010
Well two of my friends and I are planning to throw a halloween party to raise money
We are chargingg $3 to anyone who wears a costume, and $5 to anyone who doesn't
Any and everyone is invited
Except for we can't find a cheap place to hold it
We live in Dover, Delaware
The date we have is October 30th, 2010
Posts: 385 October 12, 2010
Hi Guest,
I'm assuming that you want to raise money for a charity (as opposed to for yourself). If I am correct your best bet would be to talk to churches in your area and see if they will co-sponsor the event by letting you use a meeting room or recreational hall without charge. If that does not work talk to civic organizations (and possibly schools) who may have an unused meeting or recreational hall that evening and see if they might help you by co-sponsoring the event.

I'm not sure how many people you are hoping to have attend, but if you are planning on, say 50 to 100 people to attend and cannot find a religious or civic organization willing to loan you their meeting room you probably will not be able to have a function and make any money at all. The numbers don't work out. Also, please check with an attorney about your liability for this event if someone should get injured or if property should get damaged. You need to be sure that you (and your parents if you are not of legal age) are properly protected.
I wish you the best...

Guest October 12, 2010
Woops..need to slow down..I apologize..
what is it that you need help with???
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