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Posts: 27 October 11, 2010
For no more than 300. We are on a very tight budget. Thanks
Posts: 37 October 20, 2010
I am actually located in the Philadelphia area, and would love to help you with this. Our company focuses mainly in Central PA, but since I live about 45 minutes from you, it is not a problem. Please feel free to call me tomorrow and we can see what we can find for you.

Kim Schrack
L & S Events
(717) 571-0557
Posts: 157 October 11, 2010
300 guests or $300?

Some of the best values are public parks, fraternal lodges, community centers, apartment/condo clubhouses, private homes, etc.

It is possible to get unusual venues to allow you to hold your wedding there to generate publicity or find a location wanting to break into the wedding rental business that will allow you to be first to build up a portfolio.

For example:

I officiated a wedding at a bowling alley before their regular opening hours for a couple that bowled in several leagues there. The bowling alley contacted the local media and got great publicity out of the event.

In another case, a couple that frequented a plant nursery inquired about getting married there and the business decided it would be a great way to enter the wedding venue market. Next weekend I am officiating a wedding where the reception will be at the offices of the county board of realtors. They happen to have meeting space that can be utilized on the weekends as a function hall. Think creative and network with friends and family members who might be connected to a place willing to accommodate you.

Best Wishes,
Rev. Ann Fuller
Melbourne, FL

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