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Posts: 3 October 1, 2010
I am 18 years old my fiance is in the army and is 21. we are getting married on a lake at a park in perry, ga and holding our reception there at the community center September 17th, 2011. We are doing it fall themed and i would truly appreciate some help with ideas on Everything. we are really haveing trouble with food ideas and the cake. we are just going to use simple finger foods, snacks and desserts. Thanx!

Guest October 23, 2010
Cupcakes are much cheaper than a cake, u can decorate them in different fall colors. Ebay has lots of silk fall leaves to use for the flower girl to toss plus as decor on your tables. Get some acorns from the woods,,look for oak trees, you will find tons of them. This time of the yr, all the stores have fall themed items on clearance to make room for christmas items. Ebay also has alot of fall themed wedding invitations.
Posts: 1 October 8, 2010
My friend got married about 5 years ago in September and she used the fall theme as well. Here center pieces were of tin watering cans that she poked out the twin heart design on both sides and placed a candle inside so you would see the glowing through the holes. She also used the leaf garland that you can get at just about any craft store like Michaels, and placed that around the bottom half of the handle and had it flow onto the table around it. It was really pretty. Just an idea. And her colors were more of a deep blue (cobalt) that is close to the normal military blue that is usually used. My brothers are from the Marines so I totally understand the color thing. For the cake considering that you are using fall colors you could do like an army pattern motif for the cake on like the middle layer or every other layer depending on how many layers of cake you have. You could do them in a bunch of colors...for example one with browns and greens another browns with pinks (if that is your favorite color) something like that. Just an idea.

Good Luck,


Guest October 7, 2010
Check through the pages of Oriental trading. They have a lot of fall decor. They make great products and are reasonably priced.

Good luck.


Posts: 3 October 1, 2010
Thank you!
i know one of our ideas that people seem to really like is... instead of the flower girl throwing flowers we are going to use fall leaves instead.

Guest October 1, 2010
Somebody else said she went to an event where there were black tablecloths and leaves on the table which sounded lovely. I think your cake with leaf designs on it would look nice as well. I've even seen where they had a tree and made leaf shaped placecards hanging from the tree. It looked really cute except that it was difficult to alphabetize so it was difficult to find your placecard but it looked great!

I have many resources on my website if you want to look. I can also send you a link to know when to prepare what.

Congratulations on your coming wedding.

Visit my site at: www.invitationsbydeborah.com.

Have a wonderful day!

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