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Posts: 1 September 14, 2012
Our poor old tired Saddleclub could use any help you could give us!!

Butler County Saddle Club
Leon Kansas

Annual Butler County Saddle Club Fun Show Awards Dinner.

Each year we have a dinner at the end of the arena season to recognize the efforts of our Club members throughout the year. We give out awards for Overall High Point, and 7 age group top points. Ages 1-6 and lead line, 7-9, 10-13,14-17 women and men. We also try very hard to make sure each child that participates gets something to take home. If anything is left then the adult members get something.

Our Club is a family oriented membership with emphasis placed on our family time, wholesome fun and our children and their love of horses. We try to use each fun show as a learning experience.

We will schedule the dinner in late November. (Exact date has not been set).

Our membership has grown this year to over 200+ members (60+) families. Our events that the points are awarded on are: Showmanship-Halter-Western Pleasure-Barrels-Poles-Flags and 2 random KWHA events per fun show. Last year we had a very wonderful awards program and many happy children. Being in the horse business , many of you I am sure, realize it is often a hardship on families to keep their horses, so if we can brighten their year just a little it is well worth a little effort.

We have this event at the Leon Kansas Fire Station Community Room. It has a full kitchen and many tables. We decorate with Sponsor Banners and horse themes. Every family brings a covered dish, and we have alot of fun.

Thank you,
Martha Miller

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