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Hiring a Great Wedding DJ & Wedding Photographer

Posts: 30 Nationwide December 19, 2018
How much experience do you have hiring a wedding DJ and photographer? What makes you think you might be good at it?

You may have gone to some online bridal sites and blogs to come up with a bunch of questions to ask potential DJs and photographers. Unfortunately, although those questions sound good, most of them are NOT the right questions to ask! Those questions were all written by writers that take those questions and pass them around from one website or blog to the next. Did you notice that they all have pretty much the same questions? How much experience do you think that THEY have hiring a wedding DJ or photographer?

Your wedding DJ is 85% responsible for the success of your reception. He or she isn't just someone that plays music, they are the person that will be coordinating your wedding reception for you and making sure that everything is just right! They are your entertainment, your MC, and they will be the one that keeps it all flowing smoothly for you. Your DJ is the one that will deliver the magic for your special day and night!

Your wedding photographer is responsible for capturing all of those special moments in beautiful photographs that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Hiring a friend, or a friend of a friend that has a nice camera is NOT the way to go for your wedding day. You may save a few dollars, but you can also expect missed shots, some blurry photos, some bad lighting, and some major disappointment in the results.

Making a hiring mistake with either one of them could deny you the fantastic wedding and reception that you deserve to have. Also just because some DJs and photographers charge A LOT MORE MONEY, it doesn't make them any better than someone who charges a lot less.

The first thing most brides think when it comes time to hire their DJ and photographer is to limit their search online for vendors in their local area. What if the best DJ and photographer are 50 miles away and much less expensive than your local people are? So how do you find these great vendors and get great prices?

YOU don't! What you do is hire a company that services a large area, either regional or national. They have extensive experience hiring great DJs and photographers and matching them up perfectly with each of their clients. Most of them have interviewed hundreds, in some cases thousands of DJs and photographers and built their companies using the very best. Those companies DO know the right questions to ask. Did you know that in a recent DJ industry survey it was discovered that 83% of all single operator DJ companies are amateurs or hobbyists that have full time jobs? When you deal with a multi operator DJ and photography company they usually have a full time staff with lots of experience that can expertly answer your questions, help you plan, and make everything perfect for you. They also have a backup plan in case the person assigned to your wedding gets very sick and can't make it.

Also remember that just because you like a DJ or photographer, it doesn't mean that they will do a great job for you! Regardless of who you hire, hire a professional! Your wedding day is not the right time to be part of someone's learning curve.

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