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Guest Long Island, NY October 6, 2018
So my Husband is turning 30 years old March 11, 2019. I want to throw him a German Oktoberfest style birthday party, I'd love for it to be a surprise but its not absolutely necessary. Here's my problems:
1) His days off from work rotate and his weekend days off are in January and April.. so I wouldn't be able to pick a date all that close to his actual birthday, or I'd have to tell him the date so he could take off, and probably the day after as well, but then his work friends won't be able to come because they can't take off also.
2) There are no biergartens within 40 minute drive of our home so I was thinking I could do it in our backyard, with heated tents, but what if there's snow on the ground?!
3) Should I wait until he's 30 and a half to surprise him with a backyard party in September?
4) Should I just have it at a biergarten and deal with the drive home (or maybe stay in a hotel nearby)?

Any advice is much appreciated!

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