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Posts: 395 Cranston, RI July 19, 2018
Fourth Annual Ed Lang Memorial Scholarship Fund Singles Bowling Tournament

Lang's Bowlarama on 225 Niantic Avenue in Cranston, Rhode Island sponsored a bowling tournament on July 8, 2018 to raise money to provide a scholarship to a college bound Rhode Island junior bowler. Bowlers paid $25.00 for an afternoon of bowling to fund the scholarship. Students submitted an application (including an essay) which was the basis for awarding the scholarship. The student with the best application won the scholarship. A bowler won a cash prize, free bowling and a commemorative plaque.

Maria Gaskell and I offered demonstrations of a number of our Education By Entertainment Mind Games activities during breaks in the bowling.

The activities we demonstrated included:
  • Spelling SPOT really fast five times, followed by answering the question "What do you do at a green light." People often say STOP, but the correct answer is GO.
  • Trying to catch a falling dollar while it passed through our participant's fingers.
  • Performing a number of activities while wearing glasses that made everything look upside down.
  • Our Details Activity in which our Awesome Participant Kristal Coppinger was asked what was on her hands while she was securely blindfolded. (Answering the question correctly is really challenging!!!)
We also recognized Kristal's performance by presenting her with a plush animal, a trophy and an awesome ribbon.

There were no other vendors involved.

Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD
Education By Entertainment
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